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Larissa Sansour in conversation with Nat Muller

010_00 / 6 May 2016


Larissa Sansour in conversation with Nat Muller

Filmed at New Art Exchange, Nottingham, UK, 2016

58 mins 40 secs


Larissa Sansour in conversation with Nat Muller, Friday 26 Frebruary 2016

Palestinian artist Larissa Sansour discusses her groundbreaking practice with curator and critic Nat Muller. Sansour's work is immersed in the current political dialogues in the Middle East. She addresses this contentious politics through the medium of film, exploring themes of constructed heritages, myth and history as power.

This event was originally part of Future Perfect? Film Festival, organised 27 February 2016 at New Art Exchange, Nottingham. It explored the sci-fi genre, looking beyond distant galaxies and instead turning a critical eye much closer to home, exploring our future as a society.



About the author

Nat Muller

Nat Muller is an independent curator and critic based in Amsterdam. Her main interests are the politics of representation, contemporary art from the Middle East, and food.  She has written numerous catalogue and monographic essays on artists from the Middle East and has curated exhibitions, screening programs and other projects internationally. www.natmuller.com