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في ناس لبست ”ماسكيتا“ بل إلب

APEAL's 'Museum in the Making' and Temporary. Art. Platform. present: The 2016 Ras Masqa Artists' Residency

010_01 / 1 June 2016

في ناس لبست ”ماسكيتا“ بل إلب

(some people wore their masks inside out/upside down)


mask (n):

masque “covering to hide or guard the face”

masca “specter, nightmare”

مسخرة maskharah “buffoon, mockery” from ساخرة sakhira “be mocked, ridiculed",

مسخ masakha “transform”

mascarar, mascurer “to black (the face)”

mascara “to blacken, darken”

masco “witch”




an amplifier, the same size and shape of a small generator, is placed in the corner of a completely dark playground (an indoor basketball court).

the sound emitting from it is that of the generator, after being distorted, filtered and inverted.




This project is part of the the 2016 Ras Masqa Artists' Residency.



About the author

Raymond Gemayel

during the day, raymond stares at the sun with the help of his binoculars.

at night, he has a hard time seeing and/or hearing.