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Warehouse Project Talks

Debra Levine: Toward A Common Satisfaction of Needs

010_02 / 19 June 2016


Debra Levine
Toward A Common Satisfaction of Needs: The ongoing situation of the ‘Warehouse project’

1 hour, 10 mins, 43 secs

This talk discusses the implications of some of the social and economic relationships created and expressed through the rests, movements, and shifting shapes of containers and commodities.

Debra Levine is an Assistant Professor of Theatre and Performance at NYU Abu Dhabi and is affiliated with The Hemispheric Institute for Politics and Performance, and NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts Department of Undergraduate Drama. Her work explores the intersection between performance, politics and new media/digital humanities through the lens of feminist and queer theory, disability studies, and visual studies. Debra has written on Jérôme Bel’s collaboration with Theater Hora of Disabled Theater for Studia Dramatica, as well as contributed articles to GLQ, Women and Performance, e-misférica, Theatre Research International, and The Disability Studies Quarterly. She also has chapters in two new books published in 2016, Reading Contemporary Performance: Theatricality Across Genres and Burning Down the House: Downtown Film, Video and TV Culture: 1975-2001.


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