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Larissa Sansour Trilogy

In the Future They Ate From the Finest Porcelain

010_07 / 22 December 2016


Larissa Sansour and Soren Lind

In the Future They Ate From the Finest Porcelain

28 mins 37 secs

(excerpt: 3 mins 24 secs)


In the Future They Ate From the Finest Porcelain resides in the cross-section between sci-fi, archaeology and politics. Combining live motion and CGI, the film explores the role of myth for history, fact and national identity.

A narrative resistance group makes underground deposits of elaborate porcelain – suggested to belong to an entirely fictional civilization. Their aim is to influence history and support future claims to their vanishing lands.





Larissa Sansour and Soren Lind have worked together on numerous occasions. Lind usually provides the scripts for Sansour's films, just as he contributed a sci-fi story for Sansour's 2009 graphic novel The Novel of Nonel and Vovel, a collaboration with artist Oreet Ashery.

About the author

Larissa Sansour and Soren Lind

Larissa Sansour Born in Jerusalem, Sansour studied Fine Art in Copenhagen, London and New York. Her work is interdisciplinary, immersed in the current political dialogue and utilises video, photography, installation and sculpture. Sansour's work has featured in the biennials of Istanbul, Busan and Liverpool. She has exhibited at venues such as Tate Modern, London; Brooklyn Museum, NYC; Centre Pompidou, Paris; LOOP, Seoul; Queen Sofia Museum, Madrid; Louisiana Museum of Contemporary Art, Denmark; House of World Cultures, Berlin and MOCA, Hiroshima.  Recent solo shows include Lawrie Shabibi in Dubai, Anne de Villepoix in Paris, Photographic Center in Copenhagen, Montoro 12 in Rome, Sabrina Amrani in Madrid, Kulturhuset in Stockholm and DEPO in Istanbul.

Sansour lives and works in London.


Soren Lind (b. 1970) is a Danish author. He writes children's books and literary fiction. With a background in philosophy, Lind wrote books on mind, language and understanding before turning to fiction. He has pusblished a novel and two collections of short stories as well as four children's books. In addition to his literary production, Lind is also a visual artist and writes short film scripts.


Lind lives and works in London.