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Bit Téléférique

009_04 / 29 October 2015


Bit Téléférique, 2010.

Video, 4 minutes.


Bit Téléférique was Dictaphone Group's first site specific work, performed in 2010. The piece was a response to the collective's questions regarding the abrupt urbanization of Jounieh city, just north of Beirut. The performance took the public on a journey on one of Jounieh's cable carts going from the sea towards the mountains. Through various interactions the journey uncovered narratives about the city. The audience was able to look at the city from the top of the mountain, and re-imagine its current state intermingled with its histories, both personal and national.

About the author

Dictaphone group

Dictaphone group was established in London during the summer of 2009 and since then has been working on researching specific urban spaces in Lebanon.