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Happy New Year from Ibraaz

009_06 / 29 December 2015

To round off 2015, Ibraaz is pleased to present a selection of the most viewed videos on Ibraaz Channel, presented as part of Platform 009, which explores the genealogies of performance art in North Africa and the Middle East. We wish our readers and contributors all the best for 2016.




Tania El Khoury


Jarideh (2010) is a secret encounter and a highly suspicious mission designed by artist Tania El Khoury set in a public café, where no one other than the audience member knows that a performance is taking place.


Documentation of Making Work

Hassan Sharif


To accompany his extensive conversation with Nujoom Al Ghanem, Hassan Sharif presents documentation of making works from between 1995 and 2013 in a video edited by Craig Stallard.


Bent Jbeil

Wael Shawky


The artist meanders through Bent Jbeil's old centre, amidst rubble and destruction from the Israeli assault on Lebanon in the summer of 2006, he recites verse from surat Al-Baqara in the Qur'an that refer specifically to the relationship between Jews, Christians and Muslims.


My land 2

Anas Al-Shaikh


Anas Al-Shaikh's two-channel work My land, 2 consists of a close-up video of Bahrain's red-and-white flag and another presenting the artist's naked torso with his back to the viewer.


This Lemon Tastes of Apple

Hiwa K.


Northern Iraq was called by Saddam called Northern Iraq Allah's paradise on earth. I started to understand the irony after 1988 when I was told by some of our relatives who survived the chemical attack in Halabja, that the chemicals smelled like apple...



Bouchra Ouizguen


In this video, filmed exclusively at Home Works 7, Ibraaz presents Corbeaux by Bouchra Ouizguen, whose work explores the traditional 'aita performance in Moroccan society.


Practices of Performance Art: Jumana Emil Abboud



Sheyma Buali talks to Jumana Emil Abboud about her practice as an artist and how her idea of performance extends into the visual arts in forms as diverse as drawing, text, sculpture, and installation.


Curating Live Art



Ibraaz speaks to curators Cliff Lauson and Aaron Cezar, and artists Jumana Emil Abboud and Samah Hijawi, about the exhibition Echoes & Reverberations, staged in July 2015 at the Hayward Gallery in London.




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