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Ibraaz Platform 008

007 / 26 June 2014
Ahmed Hosni, Go Down Moses 80, 2008-10.
Ahmed Hosni, Go Down Moses 80, 2008-10.

Ibraaz Platform 008
How do we effectively map the historical and contemporary relationships that exist between North Africa, the Middle East and the Global South?

• How are we locating the MENA within the context of the Global South? 


• Why is it important to map historical and contemporary relationships between North Africa, the Middle East and the Global South? 


• How do we engage with such cartographies and the historical and contemporary relationships contained therein without instrumentalizing them? 


• How do we more fully formulate and develop new contexts and epistemological frameworks for producing knowledge in our field?


• How do we map transnational networks? And indeed, what can mapping such networks enable?


• Are there counter-hegemonic networks which exist but that are no longer peripheral?


• Does the periphery still exist; is it still possible to be 'other'?


• Do multiple centres exist or are they constructed states? 


• Have sub-regional ghettos formed within the Global South? 


• Are there inherent tensions within the context of the Global South?


• Could the Global South possibly be a new kind of essentialism?


• How, finally, can we rethink Occidental/Oriental paradigms without reinstating other binary rationales?


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