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What do we need to know about the MENA region today?

Aida Eltorie
1 June 2011

History repeats itself – this line used across the disciplines is a proven liturgy to contemporary compendiums. When you detail the visual narratives, the region becomes the medium designed to mark your place in history. Whether in the Stone Age or the Digital Age, information is your power, and revolution your tool.

Egypt just witnessed its first revolt since 1952; a revolution against autocracy and oppression, a revolution against social scrutiny and silence. Triggered by what initially arose in Tunis and is now running through the veins of Algeria, Bahrain and Libya, the Egyptian Revolts became the global emblem of a civil freedom sparked by a post on Facebook.

Al Musawar Magazine, Cairo, 21 October, 1927, Volume 4, Issue 158.
Al Musawar Magazine, Cairo, 21 October, 1927, Volume 4, Issue 158.

But will the future keep the rebels' promise?

The MENA region is this question mark. If you know your history, you might also know what will happen next. No matter how many times history repeats itself, we can't seem to stop our process of repetition.

Artists are the documenters. They mark the time and place of the event regardless of how their verses are voiced: loud and clear, proud and magnificent, unsightly or progressive, beautiful and regressive. They keep returning to this starting point – ironically it is also the finishing line. Artists from this region are contemporary history in motion. So keep a close eye, and learn everything about them because in every single one you'll find a rebel.


Aida Eltorie

is an independent curator and the director of a newfound organization, Finding Projects (findingprojects.org). She is based in Cairo.

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