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What relationship does visual culture have to the world we live in?

Mohamed Arejdal
1 November 2011

A Foreign-Made Umbrella

Visual culture in a country like Morocco does not differ from its counterparts in the rest of those countries that remain, to some extent, beneath a foreign-made umbrella.


The production of the image in the post-colonial age compels us strongly to undergo subordination to foreign ideologies, because this is a production that does not heed the inner necessity of our societies. It is much more concerned with meeting other conditions, set outside the domain of our fabricated borders, through very shrewd policies.


In the end, we can say that the image is one of those aspects of cultural invasion that aims to occupy the mind. This is even more dangerous than military invasion. The evidence for this is that military invasion draws its power from external mechanisms of repression, whereas cultural invasion facilitates mechanisms of internal repression, which seem to gild or elide the actual state of affairs.

Mohamed Arejdal

is a visual artist from Morocco.

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