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The Provisionary That Lasts (series)

010_02 / 30 June 2016



In this latest iteration of the series The Provisionary That Lasts (2014ongoing), Badry continues to produce sculptures that are proposals for objects that recover their usefulness as much as possible. However, these objects are not made to be used. Instead, they operate as a pair of spectacles to frame social and political issues. Through these spectacles, Badry questions the ability of the global system, corporatization, and objects and instruments of daily life to become a paradigm of normalization.


About the author

Ahmed Badry

Ahmed Badry lives and works in Egypt. His work spans across different media. Badry completed his BA in Art Education at Helwan University, Cairo, in 2003. Since 2000, he has had several solo and group shows across Egypt, Korea, Switzerland, Germany, and Algeria. Badry has a forthcoming exhibition as part of the 13th International Cairo Biennale (2016).