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The Sound And The Fury

An Image of a Revolution

004 / 21 December 2012

In 2009 and after the presidential election in Iran, a number of protests and demonstrations took place in some of the major cities throughout the country, which was later followed by protests in other countries of the Middle East and North Africa. The phenomenon has been called the Arab Spring and thousands of  hours of video footage were made during this time by the people on streets who uploaded what they caught on camera to YouTube  as the only visual source of information reflecting what was happening in those places at the time, in turn providing content for news channels all over the world. These images, which appear for only a few seconds on television screens in the safety and the comfort of people's homes, could hold a life changing story  for each individual who witnessed the events in real-time.


The Sound and the Fury tries to stretch out and articulate a horrendous emotional experience I shared with a number of random people at a certain time and space back in Tehran in 2009, through the medium of sound and accompanied by video footage made by anonymous people present at that very incident, which I discovered on YouTube later on.



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About the author

Bijan Moosavi

Bijan Moosavi, born in 1983 in Tehran, is a musician and media artist whose practice views video and music as crucial elements to his work, though sound is the main subject of his artistic creation. At the moment, Moosavi's interests are based on 'listening'. With a focus on sound cultures in his country of origin Iran, this practice is directed towards helping him discover the relations between people and sound. Since 2008 Moosavi has also had numerous music and audio-visual performances inside and outside Iran. www.bijanmoosavi.com.