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Sahrawi Scrapbook

A Project by Robin Kahn

004 / 29 March 2013


In 2012, dOCUMENTA(13) commissioned Robin Kahn to produce an installation and series of events based on her publication Dining in Refugee Camps: The Art of Sahrawi Cooking, (Autonomedia, 2010). In her extensive interview with Ibraaz, Kahn discusses how the project came to form while considering how it fits into her practice as an artist. To accompany this interview, Kahn has produced a series of original collages that document the evolution of the project visually. Read Kahn's interview here.


On the Sahrawi project, Kahn writes:


These projects, inspired by  experiences living in Southwest Algeria with exiled families from Western Sahara, testify to the creativity and cooperative spirit of the Sahrawi women who, for 37 years, have organized and maintained a peaceful and productive society-in-exile under the unlivable conditions of war, occupation and exile. 


The Sahrawi project has since continued to grow, with Kahn returning to the Tindouf Camps and to Algiers in April 2013, to participate at The Second International Conference in support of Sahrawi Women's Resistance. Kahn is also currently designing a new interactive art installation with Sahrawi women that she will present in Texas at MAP 2013, an Arts & Human Rights Festival in Texas organized by the not-for-profit foundation Make Art with Purpose. To accompnay an extensive interview on the projects and its roots with Ibraaz, Kahn has produced a series of original collages that document the evolution of a project that, for Kahm, has become a purpose and a cause.

About the artist

Robin Kahn

Robin Kahn (1961) lives in New York City where she practices the complementary and interchangeable role of artist, curator ,editor, and writer.  Her projects, committed to expanding the (de)finition of art, explore new strategies for engaging the public.  In "Milking Dada" Andrea Codrington's 1996 feature article on Kahn, she heralded Kahn's collaborative spirit for "emphasizing collaboration over gallery kudos." (World Art, October 1996). Since the early 1990's, her work has been included in international art exhibitions and collected by both private  and public institutions. She was recently invited to lecture about her projects at the The Museum of Modern Art in NYC.






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