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Night Visitor

A project by Maha Maamoun

006 / 6 November 2013

Footage from videos recorded and uploaded on YouTube by the many men and women who broke into Egyptian State Security buildings on 5 March 2011, show different narratives of this highly charged political space and time. Beyond the first layer of shredded documents and other sought after paraphernalia of this coveted moment, the curious eyes of cell phones expose the psychological space inhabited by both the visitor and the visited.





Read an interview with Maha Maamoun, for Ibraaz 006, here.

About the author

Maha Maamoun

Maha Maamoun is an artist living and working in Cairo. Her work was shown in exhibitions and biennials including: Ten Thousand Wiles and a Hundred Thousand Tricks (Meeting Points 7, 2013); Objects in Mirror are Closer than they Appear (Tate Modern, 2013); Roundtable (Gwangju Biennial, 2012), Momentarily Learning from Mega Events (Makan, 2012); Second World: Where is Progress Progressing, (Steirischer Herbst, 2011); The End of Money (Witte de With, 2011); Sharjah Biennial (2010, 2009), Mapping Subjectivity: Experimental Cinema in The Arab World (MoMA, 2010); Live Cinema, (Philadelphia Museum of Art, 2010); Ground Floor America (Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art, 2010); The Future of Tradition/The Tradition of Future (Haus Der Kunst, 2010). Maamoun co-curated several exhibitions and art projects including: Covering One's Back (Gezira Art Center, 2013), The Hatch (Art Dubai, 2013), The Middle Ear (Sharjah Biennial, 2011), PhotoCairo3 (CiC, 2005). Maamoun is a founding board member of the Contemporary Image Collective(CiC) – an independent non-profit space for contemporary arts and culture founded in Cairo in 2004:  www.ciccairo.com.