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Art in public spaces in Lebanon

A tool-guide by Temporary. Art. Platform. (T.A.P.) with Nayla Geagea

010_01 / 1 June 2016

Art in public spaces in Lebanon

A research project and tool guide on the legal and administrative challenges and opportunities


This tool-guide is a project by Temporary. Art. Platform (T.A.P.) in collaboration with Nayla Geagea, attorney at law Funded by Mophradat and the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC)


Art in public spaces in Lebanon is a research project and tool guide incorporated in the long-term vision held by Temporary. Art. Platform (T.A.P. is a curatorial platform that develops art projects related to the public realm. It aims at shifting art practices and discourse towards a complex, contextual network of public interest and concerns http://www.temporaryartplatform.com/).


The project emerged from an actual necessity that presented itself in a prior project by T.A.P. which aim was to create a database surveying public art projects and artworks carried out in Lebanon. In the process of collecting such data many artists who are eager to work in public places have expressed that the logistical challenges and procedures for the permissions needed for projects in public spaces stand as a major obstacle against getting there work done. The Guide was developed to tackle such practical and legal challenges that may arise in the practice of public art. It is meant for anyone who can utilize its content and recommendations for the creation, facilitation, production or commissioning of art in public spaces in Lebanon. Furthermore, this guide is intended to sensitize authorities and administrations to the different aesthetics, practices and needs essential for these types or projects.


The information provided by this guide is based on legal texts and was derived from meeting, interviews and surveys conducted with artists, representatives of governmental and non-governmental bodies. Based on our research, we believe that regulations are currently influx and informal procedures sometimes precede official applications. Therefore, we publish this guide on Ibraaz as an initial step to encourage people to try out the procedures proposed here and interact with the administration and the association (T.A.P.) with any feedback in order to modify, amend or complete the information before the official lunch of the guide in Lebanon.