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  • Sound and Vision

    Ajay Hothi reviews <em>Earshot</em>, Lawrence Abu Hamdan's first solo show in Germany. This exhibition of new work draws on original research conducted by the artist, with London-based research group Forensic Architecture, examining the killing of two Palestinian teenagers in Beitunia by an Israeli soldier on Nakba Day 2014.

  • The Sleepwalkers

    Ajay Hothi reviews<em> The Sleepwalkers</em>, a new half-hour film by Rana Hamadeh, which premiered recently at The Showroom, London. The film itself is a dramatization of the true story of Raya and Sakina; two sisters who were the first women to be executed by a legal court in the history...

  • Criticality Performed Itself

    'Hassan Khan often demonstrates a tendency to implicate the viewer in his works. 'This white space is a stage – a platform that highlights and draws out a set of material conditions and coldly inspects them...' In this essay, Ajay Hothi explores <em>Flow My Tears, t</em><em>he Policeman Said</em>, Hassan Khan's...

  • Freedom has no script

    Ajay Hothi reviews <em>Freedom has no script</em>, the first UK exhibition by Turkish artist Burak Delier. This show, formed around a commission by Iniva to the artist, uses film and multimedia installation to examine the social structures that govern both the economy and our roles as citizens within it.