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  • On the Stage of the Event

    Apart from its traditional location in Kassel, dOCUMENTA (13) occupies three more 'platforms' –</em> in Kabul, Banff and Alexandria respectively. Conceptually, it is unclear why exactly these locations were chosen to hold dOCUMENTA's seminars, other than geopolitical determinants or the desire to extend geographically. During 'The Cairo Seminar: The Seminar',...

  • Can Artistic Practices Negotiate the Demands of Cultural Institutions, Public Space, and Civil Society?

    The question implies a view on artistic practice informed by a liberal framework of reception and interpretation: artistic practices are expected to politely negotiate within and with the larger sphere of culture; they are expected to expose, reveal, unmask, reform and finally find a place within various institutional configurations. The...

  • Active Interventions/ Intervening Actions

    Artist Jasmina Metwaly was born in Poland and grew up between Warsaw and Cairo. She moved to Cairo in 2009 and took part in the group exhibition <em>Paradise Paradise</em> at the Townhouse Gallery's factory space in 2010. Since then, and following the revolution that ousted President Hosni Mubarak in February...