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  • The Making of a Collective

    This conversation between MADRASSA Collective and Antonia Alampi reflects on the group's first co-curated exhibition, <i>Something to Generate From</i>, which ran from 17 June to 7 August 2016 at Kunsthal Aarhus, Denmark. They discuss curatorial approach and methodologies, and the challenges implied in the making of a collective composed of...

  • La Mano de Dios

    <em>La Mano de Dios</em> is a solo show by Rayyane Tabet, curated by Leonardo Bigazzi, at Museo Marino Marini, Florence. It concludes a series that Tabet has been forming for over ten years: <i>Five Distant Memories: The Suitcase, The Room, The Toys, The Boat and Maradona</i> (2006–2016), 'a dense and...