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  • Learning to Dance

  • The Missing Link 3

    In the third and final installment of Marwa Arsanios’ ‘The Missing Link’ project, in which the artist attempts to get closer to the elusive auteur Christian Ghazzi and the conditions of production surrounding his 1972 film <em>100 Faces in a Single Day</em>, the spotlight falls on the contemporary Lebanese filmmaker...

  • The Missing Link Part Two

    Lebanese auteur Christian Ghazzi's 1972 film 100 faces in a single day</em> is the fulcrum on which Marwa Arsanios' ongoing project for Ibraaz turns. Following on from Arsanios and curator Cecilia Andersson's Missing Link</em>, for which they interviewed Lebanese filmmaker Ghassan Salhab and actors from the film about the elusive...

  • The Missing Link

    In 1972, the Lebanese filmmaker Christian Ghazzi made a little known film entitled <em>100 faces in a single day</em>. Due to a fire, it is purportedly the only film in his repertoire which remains viewable today. For a number of Lebanese filmmakers, <em>100 faces in a single day</em> took on...