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  • Feeling Dubbing

    In this essay, Monira Al Qadiri examines the phenomenon of Arabic voice acting and its exporting within multilingual forms of popular cultural production, through the prism of short, autobiographical, stories.

  • The Great Journey

    Born in Italy as Lidia Guiseppe Scagnolari, Lidia Al-Qattan lived through the cruelties of Christian boarding schools and 'El Duce' Mussolini's Italy before moving to Kuwait in 1960, over half a century ago. She witnessed the rapid modernization of Kuwait from an empty desert-scape to one of the wealthiest countries...

  • How Toshihiko Made Me Understand Islam

    'Who would have thought that the best translation ever to be conducted of the Qur'an was actually in Japanese?' Monira Al Qadiri examines a 1958 version of the Islamic holy book by Dr. Toshihiko Izutsu, who finished reading the entire Qur'an only one month after beginning to learn Arabic. In...

  • Myth Busters

    'In my photo-series, <i>Myth Busters</i>, I superimpose the realized and unrealized mega-museum projects of the Gulf today onto images from the war in Kuwait in 1991, so as to highlight how destructive conflict can cause entire cultural landscapes to change and transform.'