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  • Bouchra Ouizguen

    'The traditional <i>'</i><i>aita</i> performance in Moroccan society is often overtly sexual... the women sing about lovers, adultery and abandoned family or roots.These performances are deliberately designed to infiltrate the public space of ritual and ceremony with the intimacies of private life.' Nahrain Al-Mousawi writes about Bouchra Ouizguen, the Moroccan-born artist...

  • Aesthetics of Migration

    The news and images of migrants drowning on flimsy boats on the Mediterranean or washing up along its shores – dead or alive – is becoming a recurring representation in the archive of clandestine migration into Fortress Europe. Clandestine migration has been on the rise since 1995, when several European...

  • Ways of Un-Seeing

    Nahrain Al-Mousawi looks at two projects produced by Georgia Kotretsos during her one-month run as artist-in-residence at L'appartement22, in Rabat, Morocco, an independent space for contemporary art that organizes exhibitions, workshops, and residency programs. The first project was a public performance that took place in front of the capital's parliament...