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  • Art in the Time of the Anthropocene

    Does the concept of the 'anthropocene' arise from, and capture, the historical material conditions of the contemporary world or is it another fleeting art historical trend? Writer, editor and educator Angela Harutyunyan speaks to curators Nora Razian and Nataša Petrešin Bachelez, with Natasha Gasparian, on the topic – and in...

  • Writing by Example

    Meriç Algün Ringborg talks to Nora Razian about her most recent work A World of Blind Chance (2014) and her ongoing work The Library of Unborrowed Books (2012) most recently shown at the 12 Bienal de Cuenca, the 19th Biennale of Sydney and Art in General in New York. Meriç's...

  • What is the future of arts infrastructures and audiences across North Africa and the Middle East?

    'The future of arts looks promising, but it also risks looking stale if we're not too careful. I will concentrate here on what I think are important considerations in the shaping of spaces of encounter.'