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Revisiting Genesis

Episode Five: Archives, Avatars

009 / 29 May 2016


Revisiting Genesis, episode five: Archives, Avatars (2016)

Oreet Ashery

10 mins 35 secs


In this episode Nurse Jackie And Bambi discuss Bambi's digital legacy and Genesis' friends ask Genesis for a sign.

About the author

Oreet Ashery

Oreet Ashery is a visual artist based in London. Ashery's work engages with biopolitics through an interdisciplinary practice spanning live situations and performances, artefacts, video, photography and writing. In her earlier work Ashery embodied a variety of male characters, questioning gender materiality while exploring issues of power, agency and cultural autonomy. Ashery's work is shown in an international context including domestic and public site-specific locations, museums, galleries, biennials and festivals. Most recently Ashery produced Party for Freedom, an Artangel commission in 2013-4 and The World is Flooding, a Tate Modern Turbine Hall commission, 2014. Ashery's work has been discussed in various publications in numerous languages, she is currently a Fine Art Fellow at Stanley Picker Gallery and a Visiting Professor at the Painting Department at the Royal College of Art.