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Revisiting Genesis


009 / 13 April 2016



Revisiting Genesis (2016), trailer

Oreet Ashery

2 mins 45 secs


Revisiting Genesis (2016) follows two nurses, both named Jackie, who create biographical slideshows for people actively preparing for death. The slideshows are a tool for reflection on posthumous digital legacies, withdrawal, friendships, cultural and social loss, and memory as identity.

When a group of friends request this treatment for Genesis – an artist who is dying symbolically and otherwise – Nurse Jackie attempts to trigger Genesis’ memory and ‘bring her back’ through the slideshow.


Presented in parallel with Genesis’ story, the episodes are intercut with improvised interviews between Nurse Jackie, played here by a practising GP, and real people who have life-limiting conditions.


Revisiting Genesis is a web-series by artist Oreet Ashery. The first episode will premiere here on the Ibraaz Channel, alongside the series' site revisitinggenesis.net on Wednesday 13 April.


About the author

Oreet Ashery

Oreet Ashery is a visual artist based in London. Ashery's work engages with biopolitics through an interdisciplinary practice spanning live situations and performances, artefacts, video, photography and writing. In her earlier work Ashery embodied a variety of male characters, questioning gender materiality while exploring issues of power, agency and cultural autonomy. Ashery's work is shown in an international context including domestic and public site-specific locations, museums, galleries, biennials and festivals. Most recently Ashery produced Party for Freedom, an Artangel commission in 2013-4 and The World is Flooding, a Tate Modern Turbine Hall commission, 2014. Ashery's work has been discussed in various publications in numerous languages, she is currently a Fine Art Fellow at Stanley Picker Gallery and a Visiting Professor at the Painting Department at the Royal College of Art.