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BBC Arabic Cinema Badila: Sun Ra in Egypt

010_00 / 6 May 2016


Tom Bogaert in conversation with BBC Arabic Cinema Badila on Sun Ra in Egypt

11 mins 26 secs


About the author

Tom Bogaert

Tom Bogaert came to art over a decade ago after practicing refugee law. His artistic practice is organized through long-term research projects that often examine the intersection of humanism and human rights, politics and entertainment, and art and propaganda.


Bogaert moved to Amman, Jordan in 2009 and has since produced a series of works under a project called Impression, proche orient, which draws from his experience as a foreigner living and working in the Arab World and uses irony and criticism to interrogate the layers of his own understanding of contemporary issues throughout the region. He is currently working on Voyage, voyage a research-based work that deals with migration and curatorial romanticism through the figure of the strawberry plant-a radicant or meandering plant forever on the move. It will be presented in Casablanca, Morocco at The Ultra Laboratory and Galerie Fatma Jellal in June 2016.