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‘You may say I'm a dreamer but I'm not the only one!’

The Outsider

010_02 / 27 June 2016


Mario Rizzi

Excerpt from The Outsider (2015), 1 min 41 secs


29 min

DCP film

Produced by and courtesy Mario Rizzi


Gezi Park Resistance brought together individuals from a broad political and social spectrum, many with no prior history of activism, and provided a stage on which different actors displayed their ideals and collectively performed new forms of citizenship.


What remains two years after the euphoria of the Gezi days? Whose place, whose memory, whose language is part of the political agenda in today's Turkey?


The film, shot throughout summer 2015, delves into the social contract established in the Gezi community and the new forms of public agency explored in and after Gezi. It does this by focusing on group dynamics and narratives as well as the individual interactions within three civil movements: Northern Forests Defense, an environmentalist group acting against the neoliberal exploitation of Istanbul's main natural lungs; Kamp Armen, a non-violent occupation protecting an historical Armenian orphanage; and Istanbul's LGBTI community, which became more socially visible after Gezi.

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