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Six Moments from a Revolution

A Coup or a Continuation of the Revolution?: July 2013

010 / 4 July 2017


A Coup or a Continuation of the Revolution?, July 2013


06 mins 58 secs


Released shortly after the massive street protests that unseated the Muslim Brotherhood from power and a month before the Rabaa Massacre plunged the country into a state of terror, this video is a useful reminder of what the revolutionist discourse was in those fateful weeks.


The analysis remains correct that the military never really left power and that they will utilize the current street movement to safeguard their own interests and to restore their damaged popularity.


What it could not see was the scale of violence being plotted. The video ends with an assertion that the world is going through a revolutionary phase. It took the spectacular, unflinching violence of Rabaa to bring that moment to an end. 

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