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Maajooneh: Stop-Motion on Syria

Fade to Black (2015)

010 / 17 August 2017



Fade to Black (2015)

1 min 11 secs


Fade to Black is based on director Amer AlBarzawi's personal experience of living in the city of Raqqa, now under the control of ISIS. The film attempts to reduce what the city witnessed in one year into a single minute. Fade to Black was accepted into a number of international film festivals and received the Jury Prize at the Toronto Urban Film Festival in 2015.

This short film was made by the Syrian stop-motion filmmaking collective Maajooneh in 2015.
Maajooneh are:
Director: Amer AlBarzawi
Animators: Ammar Khattab, Farah Presley, Eyad Birowti

About the author

Amer AlBarzawi

Amer AlBarzawi was born in 1987 in Damascus and grew up in Rukneddine, Syria. He left Syria after the start of the conflict in the country, relocating to Lebanon, then Turkey and finally, at the beginning of 2017, to France where he now lives. Since 2005, Amer has been a dancer as part of a theatre dance group. He continues to participate in local and international theatre performances. In 2015, with Maajooneh, the collective he co-founded, he started making award-winning stop-motion films. The group's first film, Fade to Black, won the Jury Prize at the Toronto Urban Film Festival. Their second film, Yaman (2016), also a stop-motion short, won Best Short Film at Dhaka International Film Festival. Both films screened in numerous international film festivals. Currently, Amer is making films independently about refugees' trauma and mental wellbeing.