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Ibraaz Talks: 13th Istanbul Biennial

005 / 30 September 2013

Ibraaz Talks is a series of specially curated conversations with artists, curators and writers. Participants are invited to respond to a particular issue or keyword that addresses formal and conceptual issues affecting both their personal practices and contemporary visual culture. Initiated at Art Dubai in 2013, this latest series was staged at SALT Beyoğlu during the opening days of the 13th Istanbul Biennial.


In these talks, featuring artists, writers, and curators including Burak Arikan, Basak Senova, Basim Magdy, Stephanie Bailey, Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Omar Kholeif, Karen Mirza, Brad Butler, Köken Ergun, and Trevor Paglen, topics for discussion range from theatricality and lived experience to networked data, collation and mapping exercises in contemporary art.


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Image from Ibraaz Talks: Köken Ergun: Lived Experience.
Image from Ibraaz Talks: Köken Ergun: Lived Experience.

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