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The Invisible Scent of History

Taysir Batniji: Ma Merè, David et Moi (2012)

009_07 / 29 January 2016



Taysir Batniji

Ma Merè, David et Moi, 2012

16 mins 28 secs


The narrative thread in Taysir Batniji’s video is a telephone conversation between the artist located in France and his mother located in his hometown, Gaza. David refers to David Pujadas, the famous presenter of French television channel France 2. Starting from this intimate, fluctuant, fragmented, difficult and sometimes indistinct exchange, the artist questions the resonance of words like displacement, in-between and exile. Through a triple point of view, Ma Mère, David et Moi explores how to look at one’s home from elsewhere and how to establish connections by combining narration, souvenirs, impressions, personal stories, and information documents.