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The Dance

009_09 / 24 March 2016


Khaled Kaddal

The Dance

3 mins 35 secs


Throughout history, music and dance have been closely associated. From the symmetry of the French Minuet to the African counterpoints, the forms and structures of music and dance compositions are usually influenced by nature or our own social interactions.


The Dance  الرقصة is an imaginary choreography framed by a sound/visual representation. The piece strives to contextualise the radical definition of choreography art, which could be summed up as the design of motions and forms. According to the etymology of the word choreography, the literal Greek meaning is dance-writing.


I was aiming to work with the absence of the dancers, which are replaced by a visual depiction of physical movements. The motions between the two light nodes are created by the movement of the physical body holding the camera.


As a methodology, the form of the choreography composition is based on a mathematical function that results from a monotonic decreasing sequence (3,3,2,2,1,1). Similar concept of the musical time signature, the visual set-up changes according to this order. Each number in the sequence is performed by the piano and accompanied to its own feedback sound resonance.


Through this experimentation, The Dance  الرقصة piece aims to reach new understandings of motion, form and choreography design.


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About the author

Khaled Kaddal

Khaled Kaddal is an Egyptian artist, based in London. Engaging the boundary between sounds, moving image and concepts, his music/sonic practices are marked by an attention to the Urban, from a social and political aspect, through the exploration of the varieties of Sonic phenomena. Interested in finding new intersection between disciplines, he collaborated in performances, choreography, films and mixed media projects.


Khaled was granted scholarships by the British Council and The Arab funds For Art and Culture (AFAC). Currently, based in London pursuing a Masters degree in Sound Arts in University of the Arts London (UAL)