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Ibraaz January Newsletter

004 / 29 January 2013

This month Ibraaz commences the commissioning cycle for Platform 005, which will examine issues around globalisation and contemporary art. The question in full is as follows:

In a globalised cultural economy, how have the demands of news media, journalism, cultural diplomacy, and international market integration influenced and developed contemporary visual culture in North Africa and the Middle East?

Platform responses, essays, interviews and projects for 005 will be published online in May 2013 and in print in 2014.

Ibraaz is also pleased to present its redesigned newsletter, showcasing the latest content being produced and published monthly online. This month sees the publication of an essay by Timo Kaabi-Linke on art and politics in Tunisia, a video conversation between Abbas Akhavan and Anthony Downey, which looks at the artist's recent exhibition at the Delfina Foundation and a conversation between Fawz Kabra and Rasha Salti, who talks about Mapping Subjectivity: Experimentation in Arab Cinema from the 1960s to Now (the latter a three-part film series that Salti co-curated at the Museum of Modern Art, New York). We are also proud to host Lara Baladi's Alone,…Together, in Media Res (2012), a project by the artist presented alongside an introductory essay by Dorothea Schoene.



On Revolution and Rubbish

Timo Kaabi-Linke


Spring is the season of change. But one year after the so-called 'Arab Spring', it seems that these changes have done little to attain the goals that brought people out into the streets at the start of these uprisings. Now that the vernal enthusiasm of 2011 has evaporated, it is worth reviewing.

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Human Mechanics

Pascal Hachem in conversation with Nour K Sacranie


In this interview Hachem revisits 2010 exhibition Bring the Boys Back Home, shown at Selma Feriani Gallery, London, just as he returns to the gallery once more for January 2013 exhibition BELIEFS IN SELF-DECEPTION.

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Domestic Nature

Abbas Akhavan in Conversation with Anthony Downey


In this video interview, artist Abbas Akhavan walks Anthony Downey through his exhibition Study of a Garden. Produced during a ten-week residency hosted by the Delfina Foundation in London, and in direct response to the Foundation's adjacent and soon-to-be renovated space at 31 Catherine Place, the exhibition staged a series of tableaux that placed external elements – creeping ivy, garden plants, and soil – throughout the building.

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Curating Film

Rasha Salti in conversation with Fawz Kabra


Rasha Salti is a writer and curator of film and visual art. In 2011, she co-curated the 10th edition of the Sharjah Biennale and is currently the programmer of African and Middle Eastern Cinema at the Toronto International Film Festival. In this interview, Salti speaks with Fawz Kabra on one of her latest projects, Mapping Subjectivity: Experimentation in Arab Cinema from the 1960s to Now, a three-part film series co-curated with Jytte Jensen at the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

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Beyond the Image

Lara Baladi


Alone,... Together, in Media Res (2012) is what could be considered Lara Baladi's first artwork related to the 2011 revolution in Egypt. The work is a constructed narrative told via excerpts from YouTube videos presented in a three-channel video installation.

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East-West: The Art Of Dialogue

Nour K Sacranie


There has been, according to the Egyptian philanthropist and investor, Shafiq Gabr, a gradual erosion in understanding between the so-called 'East' and 'West' that has resulted in a series of dangerous caricatures ossifying into facts. To foster a better level of understanding, in part at least, Gabr has given over his Foundation to what has been seen by many to be a ground-breaking initiative, namely, East-West: The Art Of Dialogue.

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For our upcoming February issue, we will have an interview with filmmaker Caveh Zahedi, an essay by Amal Khalaf on the many lives of the Pearl Roundabout in Bahrain, and a project by artist Tom Bogaert. We will also publish an essay, in collaboration with the Zentrum für Kunst Media (ZKM) in Karlshruhe, by Anthony Downey on artistic practices and collective action in North Africa and the Middle East.

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