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What do we need to know about the MENA region today?

Mehran Mohajer
1 June 2011

For this project I have used a pinhole square-format camera to take urban pictures of a metropolis. From the start, this device produced a paradox. The long exposure times and the low quality of the images it takes do not fit with the documentary genre. Intentionally I have used the apparatus to sweep out the crowd, to show a deserted city and to create an apocalyptic atmosphere. In my mind, these images evoke the actual situation we are/were living in. These photos were taken two years ago and now we are experiencing a totally different history in our city. In another way I tried to pay homage to the great early twentieth-century photographer, Eugène Atget. The colours of these photographs are gloomier than the greys in Atget's images.

Mehran Mohajer

is an artist based in Tehran.

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