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Platform for discussion006

What role can the archive play in developing and sustaining a critical and culturally located art history?

Maryam Jafri
6 November 2013
Adapted from the photo-text series Getty vs. Ghana (2012)



By Maryam Jafri

Adapted from the photo-text series Getty vs. Ghana (2012)




For a Platform 006 interview with Jafri on her practice using archives, follow this link.

Maryam Jafri

is an artist working in video, performance and photography. Informed by a research-based, interdisciplinary process, her artworks are often marked by a visual language poised between film and theater, and a series of narrative experiments oscillating between script and document, fragment and whole. She holds a BA in English & American Literature from Brown University, an MA from NYU/Tisch School of The Arts, and is a graduate of the Whitney Museum Independent Study Program. She lives and works in New York and Copenhagen.

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