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هيجان البحر والدم

009_00 / 28 May 2015


Sifting through the absolute, the predefined, constructs of anxiety, and the absurdity of the agreed-upon in a time of excess. How does one place one's coordinates in the physical, metaphysical, and the digital citizenry? 


It is said that the gravitational forces exerted by the planets affect the circulation of human bodies and emotions as much as they affect the oceans. YouTube and Google image search help to construct an uncomfortable space for a question spanning practices of compulsion and purification. 

About the author

Sarah Abu Abdallah

Sarah Abu Abdallah works primarily with video and film as a medium. She grew up in Qatif, Saudi Arabia and is currently pursuing her masters degree in Digital Media at the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence. Her recent exhibitions include Arab Contemporary in the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark, Migrating Forms in NYC, the Serpentine Galleries 89plus Marathon in London, the 11th Sharjah Biennial in 2013, and Rhizoma in the 55th Venice biennale 2013. She contributed to Arts and Culture in the Transformative Times festival by ArteEast, NYC, and the Moving Image panel on Video + Film in Palazzo Grassi, Venice.