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009_00 / 28 May 2015

How does the self-deprecating humour of marginalized identities function in wider social contexts? Though considered a higher ego defence, humour, and the products produced by it in contemporary culture, is often stripped of its specific context as a personal coping mechanism to subsequently be used to subjugate certain socially unaccepted identities that had originated this material. The cyclical nature of production, distribution, and reinforcement of prejudices highlights the contradictory nature of approaching liminality and attempting to reconcile this questioning in overpowering social structures.

5UNTHA is a collection of images documenting the visual correspondence of a WhatsApp group and the tangible loneliness and isolation liminal friends feel when collectively laughing at everyday occurrences in a shared online space.


Download a PDF of 5UNTHA by following this link.


About the author

Abdullah Al-Mutairi

Abdullah Al-Mutairi (b.1990) is a Kuwaiti artist based in New York. He has exhibited at Art Dubai, UAE; Mathaf, Qatar; The Serpentine Gallery, UK; and contributed to Hans-Ulrich Obrist and Simon Castets ongoing digital natives project 89plus. Al-Mutairi is also a member of the GCC collective, whose work has been exhibited at MoMA PS1, Fridericianum, New Museum and the Sultan Gallery, among other institutions.