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Hashem L Kelesh – هاشم الكلش

007 / 8 May 2014


Medrar.TV's response to Ibraaz's Platform 007 on building art infrastructure and audience cultivation is a profile on Hashem L Kelesh. This Egyptian artist and musician is in his late 20s and has been using online technologies for the production and dissemination of most of his work. In his interview with Medrar.TV, he reflects on the local context in which artists operate be it exhibition opportunities or art education systems. It is one of the first in-depth interviews Medrar.TV is publishing and seems highly relevant to the topic but also to the work of Medrar.TV as an online arts channel.


Read an interview with Medrar.TV's Mai Elwakil here.

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Medrar.TV is a Cairo-based YouTube channel presenting digital content that documents contemporary visual art, sound and music events, exhibitions, talks, performances and interviews across Egypt and the Arabic-speaking world.