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The Tree School


The Tree School is a project initiated by two groups that share a common interest in decolonizing knowledge: Campus in Camps, an experimental educational program based in Bethlehem’s Dheisheh refugee camp in Palestine, and Brazilian-based art collective Contrafilé. The project, the publication for which we present here on Ibraaz, is part of the 31st Bienal de São Paulo, and aims to cultivate and produce knowledge that emerges from regions of the world that rarely speak to each other, despite the fact they have much in common. In this, The Tree School, which was formed so as to make new forms of knowledge production possible, presents an initiative that aims to bridge 'two worlds' that share similar urgencies in terms of social justice and equality.

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About the author

Campus in Camps and Grupo Contrafilé

Campus in Camps is a program of Al Quds University implemented with the academic support of Al-Quds Bard, and hosted by the Phoenix Center in Dheisheh refugee camp in Bethlehem. The initiative, begun in January 2012, engages young participants in a two-year program dealing with new forms of visual and cultural representation of refugee camps after more than 60 years of displacement. The aim is to provide young motivated Palestinian refugees who are interested in engaging their community the intellectual space and necessary infrastructure to facilitate these debates and translate them into practical community-driven projects that will incarnate representational practices and make them visible in the camps.


Grupo Contrafilé was formed in Saõ Paulo, Brazil, in 2000, and aims to investigate and produce art on the basis of their day-to-day experiences related to public life, that being the point of departure for their work and the area within which it flourishes. The group is made up of: Cibele Lucena, Joana Zatz Mussi, Jerusa Messina, Peetssa y Rafael Leona.