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It is small, we like it this way

008 / 6 November 2014

It is small, we like it this way is a fictional photo reportage comprised of image fragments found in lifestyle USA magazines of the sixties in articles that focus on the Middle East, North Africa and the Global South. The diverse set of images is linked through a narrative text that mimics the language of serial magazine instalments.

In the trial to imagine connections beyond the West, the work revisits images created in the West of the Middle East, North Africa and the Global South, not in order to reveal their constructed nature but in order to imagine new possibilities. In re-appropriating the language of news publishing, the fictional photo reportage repossesses images from disparate contexts and assigns to them new narrative functions.


About the author

Aikaterini Gegisian

Aikaterini Gegisian is a Greek visual artist of Armenian descent living and working in London. In 2014 she completed a PhD at the University of Westminster, London, and is currently Visiting Scholar-Artist at the University of Pennsylvania, USA. She has participated in international residencies such as Alanica 2013, North Ossetia, Russia; Utopiana, Yerevan, Armenia; ARC Residencies, Cairo, Egypt; Partage Residencies, Mauritius and PIST, Istanbul, Turkey.


Recent solo shows include Who Doesn't Like a Good Old Story?, Kalfayan Galleries, Athens, Greece (2012); Diego Garcia, Centre of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, Greece (2011), and Picture This, Atelier Space, Bristol, UK (2011).