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FIELD MEETING Take 4: Thinking Practice

Video documentation: Day 1

010_08 / 8 December 2016

Asia Contemporary Art Week (ACAW)'s annual signature forum, FIELD MEETING Take 4: Thinking Practice curated by ACAW Director Leeza Ahmady, was hosted at Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and Asia Society on November 11 and 12, 2016. With more than 30 artists and arts professionals based in the U.S, Asia, and beyond staging newly-conceived performances and lecture-performances, and generating lively discussions for an audience of 500 U.S.-based curators, scholars, and museum professionals, this two-day art forum emulates the experience of a studio visit on a larger, communal scale.


The videos presented here represent full documentation from FIELD MEETING Take 4: Thinking Practice, Day 1.




Christina Yang

Welcome Remarks

07 mins 55 secs




Ombretta Agró Andruff

Practice Notes

06 mins 34 secs




Leeza Ahmady

Initial Thoughts

13 mins 48 secs




Raha Raissnia

The Temporal and Experiential Condition of Music

6 mins 39 secs




Mary Ellen Carroll

Unsuspecting Materials

22 mins 04 secs




Michael Joo

Place as Site of Inquiry

12 mins 59 secs




FIELD MEETING Take 4: Thinking Practice

Discussion #1

36 mins 35 secs




Xiaoyu Weng in conversation with Chia-En Jao & Xyza Cruz Bacani

41 mins 30 secs




Jonas Staal

Performing Absence

15 mins 13 secs




Heba Y. Amin

The General's Stork

16 mins 14 secs




Wafaa Bilal

Vocalization in خ

15 mins 50 secs



Basel Abbas & Ruanne Abou-Rahme

Only the Beloved Keep Our Secrets

10 mins 19 secs




FIELD MEETING Take 4: Thinking Practice

Discussion #2

37 mins 35 secs




Jennifer Wen Ma

The Alchemy of Making Paradise Interrupted

18 mins 07 secs




Anthony Lee

Confucius, Kerouac, and My Old Man

22 mins 27 secs




Ho Tzu Nyen

T for Tiger

20 mins 46 secs




Shezad Dawood

A Virtual Tour of Kalimpong

13 mins 14 secs




FIELD MEETING Take 4: Thinking Practice

Discussion #3

35 mins 30 secs




Mithu Sen


09 mins 48 secs