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  • From the Ground Up

    This brief conversation with curators Azar Mahmoudian and Nazila Noebashari centres around the question of infrastructure, or lack thereof, in Iran and more specifically, Tehran. Topics of discussion include the degradation of relationships between Iranian cultural institutions and local artists networks; the question of what can be done to rebuild...

  • Unedited History, Iran 1960–2014

    Leili Sreberny-Mohammadi reviews <i>Unedited History,</i> an exhibition shown at the Musee D'Art Moderne De La Ville De Paris, one of a recent flourish of Iranian-focused exhibitions being held in the capital. The expansive show charted 50 years of visual culture in Iran through some 200 art works and 26 artists...

  • GCC: Achievements in Retrospective

    GCC's first US show at MoMA PS1 i s a satire and critique of the language and aesthetics of corporate governance. Their take on collectivity operates as an artistic framework through which the group thinks through the terms of the original Gulf Corporation Council (GCC) and mimics them, thus replacing...