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Ibraaz March Reader 009/09

009_09 / 30 March 2016

Continuing with our ongoing Platform 009 research theme, Ibraaz is pleased to present newly commissioned content on the genealogies of performance in the Middle East and North Africa. Contributions include essays by Salma Abdel Salam and Monira Al Qadiri, interviews with Sussan Deyhim and Meriem Bennani, and projects by BennaniYazan Khalili and Lara Khaldi. In Channel, we present a number of videos featuring work by, among others, Christodoulos Panayiotou and Khaled Kaddal, the latter being one of the recipients of the Sharjah Art Foundation's Production Grant, presented during the 2016 March Meeting.



Un/interrupted Formations

Feeling Dubbing

Salma Abdel Salam

Monira Al Qadiri

This wide-reaching essay examines the socio-political impact of dance as a gesture that is formed in the public sphere, looking at both traditional and more contemporary forms of movement.

Monira Al Qadiri examines the phenomenon of Arabic voice acting and its use within multilingual forms of popular cultural production, through the prism of short, autobiographical, stories.


Progressive Roots

Laughing Out Loud

Sussan Deyhim in conversation with Sheyma Buali

Meriem Bennani in conversation with Myriam Ben Salah

Sussan Deyhim talks about her performance education in Iran, her bringing together of spiritual folk and progressive experimentation, and the varied projects she creates today.

Curator Myriam Ben Salah talks to artist Meriem Bennani about opening up new spaces for artistic models and the contemporary cross-disciplinary languages of art-making.


Love Letters to a Union – The Falling Comrades


Yazan Khalili Lara Khaldi

Meriem Bennani

A correspondence between two friends, separtated by distance, weave together the events that lead to the formulation of the United Arab Republic (1958-1961) and its subsequent failure.

'I've been thinking a lot about that transitional moment of travelling back home and how the airplane (I always fly Royal Air Maroc) is a first foot in Morocco, in the strangest way.'


Dying on Stage

Christodoulos Panayiotou


Christodoulos Panayiotou presents a new version of his lecture-reading, Dying on Stage as part of the Serpentine Galleries' Park Nights Series, which took place in September 2015.


Hysterical Choir of the Frightened

Doa Aly


On 25th January 2014, thousands of people gathered in Tahrir Square to celebrate the third anniversary of the Egyptian revolution. On that day, only the supporters of the army and the actions of its commander in chief were admitted into the square.


Dawn of the Cold Season

Sussan Deyhim


Dawn of the Cold Season is Sussan Deyhim's video installation, inspired by Forough Farrokhzad's poem Let us Believe in the Beginning of the Cold Season, published after her death in 1967.


Art in Response to Conflict


In Februrary 2016, The Middle East Institute co-hosted a panel discussion exploring the value and impact of the arts in conflict zones. The panel was organized with the Media Lounge at the College Art Association's annual meeting in Washington, D.C.


The Dance

Khaled Kaddal


The Dance – الرقصة is an imaginary choreography framed by a sound/visual representation. The piece strives to contextualise the radical definition of choreography art, which could be summed up as the design of motions and forms.



Arab Art Histories: The Khalid Shoman Collection

Rana Hamadeh: The Sleepwalkers

Samah Hijawi

Ajay Hothi

Artist Samah Hijawi reviews Arab Art Histories: The Khalid Shoman Collection, the latest – and largest publication produced by Darat Al Funun.

The Sleepwalkers, a new film by Rana Hamadeh, is a dramatization of the true story of the first women to be executed by a legal court in modern Egypt.




In April, Ibraaz will be drawing the online version of Platform 009 to a close, publishing a final series of interviews, reports, channel videos, projects and essays. Contributors will include Cristiana de Marchi, Sohrab Kashani, Taus Makhacheva, Barrak Alzaid and Shuruq Harb. A number of contributions, plus newly commissioned writing, will be included in Volume 04 of our Visual Culture series, edited by Anthony Downey (Sternberg Press, 2017).


In May 2016, we will launch Platform 010, which will enquire into the nature of the shifting regional dynamics we have witnessed over the last 5 years and how they have affected the politics of cultural production on both a regional and global level. For the full remit, see here.




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