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Ibraaz May Newsletter

007 / 28 May 2014

Ibraaz is pleased to present a further tranche of Platform 007 responses to the following question:


What is the future of arts infrastructures and audiences across North Africa and the Middle East?

These include responses from Youmna ChlalaSirine FattouhSherri WassermanNora RazianStéphanie DadourJudith GreerBurak Arikan, and Asunción Molinos Gordo.


We also present an interview with the Directorate of Art in Sharjah, Hisham Al-Madhloum, alongside video interviews with Shiva Balaghi and Oscar Guardiola-Rivera. A review of Lina Saneh and Rabih Mroué's performance of 33 rpm and a few seconds in New York, and a review of Burak Delier's exhibition at INIVA in London, are also included.



Youmna Chlala

 'You can't draw desire, you have to walk it.'

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Sirine Fattouh


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Sherri Wasserman

 'I suggest that we look at the past and present strengths of cultural organizations, which have always served social and informational purposes, regardless of region and time. It is in these two spheres that the future resides.'

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Nora Razian

 'The future of arts looks promising, but it also risks looking stale if we're not too careful. I will concentrate here on what I think are important considerations in the shaping of spaces of encounter.'

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Stéphanie Dadour

 'I don't believe culture is nowadays negotiating social activity, political engagement and critical practices. Culture is following the forces of the market.'

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Judith Greer

'When one speaks of 'art infrastructures', it is crucial to recognize that infrastructures are, most importantly, people...and one of the most critical and urgent needs is for arts education.'

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Burak Arikan

 'Better imagine now, rather than later.'

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Asunción Molinos Gordo


'The future of art infrastructures in the region is still very much determined by pre-existing cultural misconceptions applied to audiences... During the last four years in Cairo, I've witnessed in several occasions how part of the audience has been marginalized according to nationality, class, race or economic income.'

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Time Over Development

Hisham Al-Madhloum in conversation with Stephanie Bailey


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Oscar Guardiola-Rivera in conversation with Anthony Downey

Anthony Downey


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Shiva Balaghi in conversation with Stephanie Bailey

Stephanie Bailey


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Freedom Has No Script

Ajay Hothi


Burak Delier at Iniva, London

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The Revolution Will Not Be Online

Fawz Kabra


Rabih Mroué and Lina Saneh at The Asia Society, New York

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In June, Ibraaz will continue to publish content concerning our Platform 007 theme and the future of regional institutions, including essays by Guy Mannes-Abbott and Tarek El-Ariss, interviews with artist Jananne Al-Ani, Art Dubai Director Antonia Carver, and 2015 Sharjah Biennial curator, Eungie Joo, as well as projects by Azin Feizabadi, Mahmoud Khaled and GCC.




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