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Platform for discussion 010

Where to Now? Shifting Regional Dynamics and Cultural Production in North Africa and the Middle East


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1 June 2016
Burcu Pelvanoğlu

What are the urgent questions affecting cultural production in Turkey?

I am writing from the perspective of Turkey, rather than the perspective of the Middle East and North Africa in general...

1 June 2016
Talinn Grigor

There is never a neutral position for critique, but there certainly ought to be the practice of critique. And that is precisely the element that is missing in top-down formation of the art scene in West Asia and North Africa, and perhaps in the rest of the non-western art scene.

1 June 2016
Saleh Barakat

The development of a healthy regional Arab art scene, like anywhere else in the world, requires the collaborative efforts of the different components that constitute it.

1 June 2016
Sabrina DeTurk

The varying political, cultural and economic circumstances of the participants of Art Dubai 2016, Design Days and the March Meeting, merit further consideration, as it is the differences among them that highlight the current constraints and opportunities for cultural production in the region.

1 June 2016
Octavian Esanu

To answer this question I propose an excerpt from a text in progress called 'Art and Garbage'. This piece is intended to look into the relation between urgent social problems – in this case the ongoing garbage crisis in Lebanon – and contemporary art.

1 June 2016
Iftikhar Dadi

Of course, I do not wish to be misunderstood as arguing for nativism or closure. But the specific history of the region matters deeply, as factual evidence, but even more so in terms of identifying resources that can be transformed and activated in new ways today.

1 June 2016
Alex Dika Seggerman

As a historian of nineteenth- and twentieth-century Middle Eastern art, I am concerned with the urgent questions facing cultural production as well as those facing histories of cultural production. My response below reflects that concern.

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