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Platform for discussion 009

What are the genealogies of performance art in North Africa and the Middle East?


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'The following considerations on performance as an artistic medium in the region of North Africa and Middle East refer to more general problems that relate to the art form's status as an institutionalized aesthetic practice...'

28 May 2015
Hassan Darsi

For Ibraaz Platform 009, Hassan Darsi presents a photo essay.

28 May 2015
Nezakat Ekici

'To avoid misunderstanding, I write from the perspective of Turkey, because I can't really speak for North Africa nor for the Middle East in general...'

28 May 2015
Lawrence Abu Hamdan

'Do not pollute others' hearing with shameful sounds...'

28 May 2015
Joe Namy

'A few notes on the difference between performance art and mayonnaise...'

28 May 2015
Farah Khelil

'Mixed Media I (2009) is a list of 50 pages of technical descriptions of contemporary art pieces. The list, made up of automatic extractions of data about techniques used in contemporary art practices, is a multi-format, translatable database...'

28 May 2015
Adel Abidin

Adel Abidin presents Subway Scene (2015).

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What is a platform?

A platform is a space for speaking in public. It is an opportunity to express ideas and thoughts. It also suggests the formal declaration of a stance or position on any given subject.

Unique to Ibraaz is a 'platform', a question put to writers, thinkers and artists about an issue relevant to the MENA region. This platform is sent to respondents both within and beyond the MENA region and contributions will be archived every 12 months.

Ibraaz platforms

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