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Ibraaz June Newsletter

007 / 26 June 2014

We are pleased to announce that the research question for Ibraaz's Platform 008, to be launched on November 6, 2014, is as follows:


How do we effectively map the historical and contemporary relationships that exist between North Africa, the Middle East and the Global South?


The full platform remit has been published in the news section, here.


Continuing with Platform 007 – which examines the future of art infrastructures and audiences – this month we publish essays by Tarek El-Ariss, Guy Mannes-Abbott and Caecilia Pieri, alongside interviews with artist Jananne Al-Ani, 2015 Sharjah Biennial Curator Eungie Joo, and Art Dubai Director Antonia Carver.


In other sections we have projects by Mahmoud Khaled and Azin Feizabadi, and reviews from Cairo and Beirut.



Future Fiction

Tarek El-Ariss


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Utopian Dust Versus Perfumed Amplification

Guy Mannes-Abbott


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Walling Strategy: Can T-Wall Murals really Beautify the Fragmented Baghdad?

Caecilia Pieri


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A Hybrid Model

Antonia Carver in conversation with Omar Kholeif


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Technologies of History

Jananne Al-Ani in conversation with Nat Muller


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Positional Views

Eungie Joo in conversation with Stephanie Bailey


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Painter on a Study Trip II

Mahmoud Khaled


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Chronicles from Majnun until Layla

Azin Feizabadi


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Hassan Khan in Cairo

Mai Elwakil


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All Mother Tongues Are Difficult

Kasia Maciejowska


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Ibraaz Platform 008



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Throughout the summer, Ibraaz will continue to publish content relating to Platform 007, including essays by Toleen Touq, Mirene Arsanios and George Katrodytis, projects by Mohamed Abdelkarim, Caline Aoun, Oraib Toukan and Isak Berbic, interviews with Koyo Kouoh, Meriç Algün Ringborg and Raed Yassin, as well as reviews from across the region.

This material and newly commissioned essays will be published in volume 03 of our visual culture series, titled Future Imperfect: Global Strategies and Cultural Propositions (IB Tauris/Ibraaz Publishing, forthcoming, May 2015).


The first volume in this series, Uncommon Grounds: New Media and Critical Practices in North Africa and the Middle Eastedited by Anthony Downeywill be published next month in London. We look forward to inviting our readers and supporters to the launch party at Delfina Foundation. Further details to follow.



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