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The Jerusalem Show

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007 / 24 October 2014
Jamal Jamaliev, Line of Fire, July 2010
Jamal Jamaliev, Line of Fire, July 2010
The Jerusalem Show VII
24 October – 07 November 2014

The Jerusalem Show VII is curated by Basak Senova and organized by Al-Ma'mal Foundation for Contemporary Art, Jerusalem. The Jerusalem Show VII: FRACTURES runs from 24 October to 7 November 2014. The show will be presented in the framework of the second Qalandiya International (Qi), ARCHIVES, LIVED AND SHARED. Qi is a coalition of local institutions working together to feature a month-long programme of live events, talks, exhibitions, guided tours, symposia, film screenings and performances. The Jerusalem Show VII is an integral part of the 2014 edition of Qalandiya International, scheduled to take place from 22 October to 15 November.


FRACTURES is composed of seven chapters that will take place simultaneously: INTENSITIES, DETAILS, INTERVALS, MEASURES, LINES, WRITING and FABRIC. These chapters present exhibitions, site-specific art projects, performances, artist books, book launches, walks, talks and screenings.


Participating artists of The Jerusalem Show VII: FRACTURES are: Adel Abidin (Iraq/Finland), Bashar Alhroub (Palestine), Benji Boyadgian (Palestine), Ceren Oykut (Turkey), Cevdet Erek (Turkey), Conor McGrady (Ireland), Gülsün Karamustafa (Turkey), Hera Büyüktaşçıyan (Turkey), Hiraki Sawa (UK/Japan), Jesper Just (Denmark/USA), Jonathan Loppin (France), Jumana Manna (Palestine), Majd Abdel Hamid (Palestine), Noor Abuarafeh (Palestine), Paul Devens (The Netherlands), Pekka Niittyvirta (Finland), Raqs Media Collective (India), Rula Halawani (Palestine), Sille Storihle (Norway/Germany), Tom Nicholson (Australia), Uriel Orlow (Switzerland/UK), and  Zehra Şonya (Cyprus). 


Participating artists of the Fabric Chapter with artist books are Anita Di Bianco (USA), Banu Cennetoğlu (Turkey), Cevdet Erek (Turkey), Ciprian Homorodean (Romania), Daniel Knorr (Romania/USA), Hani Amra (Palestine), Jill Magid (USA), Maxime Hourani (Lebanon), Tom Nicholson (Australia), Raqs Media Collective (India), and Uriel Orlow (Switzerland/UK).


In the Line Chapter with the screenings Anne Barlow (Scotland/USA) presents works by Basim Magdy (Egypt), Brad Butler (UK), Karen Mirza (UK), Luiz Roque (Brazil), Minouk Lim (South Korea), Tintin Wulia (Indonesia/Australia),and Wura-Natasha Ogunji (Nigeria/USA); Yazid Anani (Palestine) presents a YouTube selection featuring notorious works by Carolee Schneemann (USA), Marie Menken (USA), Maya Deren (Ukraine/USA), Alexander Hammid (Austria/USA), William K.L. Dickson (UK), William Heise (USA), and James White (USA); Branko Franceschi (Croatia) presents works by Boris Cvjetanović (Croatia), Ibro Hasanović (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Željko Kipke (Croatia), Zlatko Kopljar (Croatia), and Mladen Miljanović (Bosnia and Herzegovina); and Basak Senova (Turkey) presents works by Ali Cherri (Lebanon), Fatma Bucak (Turkey), Hiraki Sawa (Japan/UK), and Yane Calovski (The Republic of Macedonia).


The Jerusalem Show VII: FRACTURES is in collaboration with the African Community Youth Centre, Arab Catholic Scouts – Jerusalem, Austrian Hospice of the Holy Family, Centre for Jerusalem Studies – Al Quds University (Hammam el-Ayn & Hammam el-Shifa), Dar Annadwa, Dar al-Kalima University – College of Arts and Culture, French Institute – Gaza, Gallery Anadiel, Hammam Sitna Mariam, International Academy of Art – Palestine, Khalidi Library, Nicola Zaphiriades' Shop, Patriarch's Pool, Riwaq, Saint Francis Store, and Swedish Christian Study Centre.



Qalandiya International is the culmination of the vision and effort of a group of prominent Palestinian cultural institutions focusing on contemporary art. This includes the following institutions: Riwaq; Al-Ma’mal; the A. M. Qattan Foundation; the Palestinian Museum; Palestinian Art Court – Al Hoash; the International Academy of Art Palestine; the Khalil Sakakini Cultural Centre; the Ramallah Municipality; and the Arab Culture Association in Haifa. Qalandiya International is also in partnership this year with MinRASY Projects, Windows for Contemporary Art in Gaza and Eltiqa Group for Contemporary Art in Gaza.




This online catalogue was produced in collaboration with Ibraaz, media partner of The Jerusalem Show VII: FRACTURES, and was edited by Anthony Downey, Basak Senova, and Stephanie Bailey. It was designed by Basak Senova and Begum Satiroglu, with the online management of Ajay Hothi.