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  • Showroom Dummies

    Jens Maier-Rothe reviews the ninth edition of the Berlin Biennale, curated by New York-based collective DIS, which, he write, '...seems to be under the aegis of the ancient god, [Janus]...<i>The Present in Drag</i> is all about new beginnings and our shifting perception of time.' An event that has been 'anticipated...

  • Tout va bien?

    <em>T</em>oo<i> Early Too Late</i> is the second in a series of exhibitions produced in a joint venture between Bologna's yearly art fair and the Ministry of Culture. It follows <i>Il Piedistallo Vuoto (The </i><i>Empty Pedestal),</i> staged at Bologna's Archeological Museum in 2014. These exhibitions have so far exclusively presented works...

  • Citizens Reporting and the Fabrication of Collective Memory

    Flipping through the pages of one’s memory over the past four years, we stumble upon an array of random ‘revolution’ imagery. A picture book that loosely lumps together clouds of visual material without clear equation between frames of reference or origin, from the Iranian Green Movement and the various uprisings...