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  • Both Sides of the Curtain

    Laura Cugusi describes '[t]he eerily quiet upward alleys of the Ixelles neighbourhood in Brussels', home to La Loge, an art space hosting the second chapter of the eighth edition of Meeting Points, <i>Both Sides of the Curtain</i>, which ran from 7 to 17 December 2016. The first chapter took place...

  • Townhouse: Practical Solutions, Impractical Conditions

    How do curatorial practices adapt to social and political change? What does it mean, in practice, to work on cultural programming in a state of permanent precarity? On 6 October 2015, London's Serpentine Galleries director Hans Ulrich Obrist hosted a talk with William Wells, founder of Cairo's Townhouse Gallery. <em>Ibraaz...</em>

  • Free Expression

    The Arab Digital Expression Foundation (ADEF) is an Arab platform that believes knowledge production and free expression contribute radically to building and strengthening engaged communities. Through an on-going process of collaboration between techies, artists, activists, youth leaders, educationalists and others, ADEF unfolded as a hub for knowledge production and sharing....