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Ibraaz May Newsletter

005 / 30 May 2013

Following on from the launch of Platform 005, Ibraaz is pleased to publish a multi-part interview with Tamara Chalabi, Reem Shather-Kubba and Jonathan Watkins on the Iraq Pavilion at the 55th Venice Biennale, alongside discussions with Jeremy Hutchison, Nadia Ayari, and Adelita Husni-Bey, whose video, Alwan (2013), is presented in Projects.


In our May issue, Yasmin Khan provides a commentary on the contemporary art scene in Amman and Amy Charlesworth revisits Europlex, a 2003 work by Ursula Biemann and Angela Sanders. In Projects, Basak Senova introduces a series of images from Zeren Göktan's Counter (2013), whilst in Reviews, Daniella Rose King discusses the Birds Eye View Festival.



On Reporting, the Documentary and the Aesthetic

Amman's West Side Story

Amy Charlesworth

Yasmin Khan

In this essay, Amy Charlesworth revisits Europlex (2003), a work by Ursula Biemann and Angela Sanders, and examines the ways the documentary medium, in an expanded and critical sense, can be productively deployed in the twenty-first century.

In this essay, Yasmin Khan explores the cultural landscape of Amman, considering whether soft power exacerbates or alleviates artistic differences and if cultural diplomacy initiatives help bridge or over-determine cultural divisions.

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The Activity of Painting and Other Actions

A DREAM: The Iraq Pavilion

Nadia Ayari in conversation with Haig Aivazian

Tamara Chalabi, Reem Shather-Kubba, and Jonathan Watkins in conversation with Basak Senova

In this interview, Nadia Ayari talks to Haig Aivazian about the manifold tensions in her work, from the insinuative to the allegorical, and how her roles as fresco artist, painter, teacher, and anonymous curator frame her practice as an artist.

This multi-part interview with Tamara Chalabi, Reem Shather-Kubba, and Jonathan Watkins traces the motivation behind the Iraq Pavilion, Welcome to Iraq, currently on show at the 55th Venice Biennale.

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A Mobile Agent

Errant Propositions

Adelita Husni-Bey in conversation with Stephanie Bailey

Jeremy Hutchison in conversation with Natasha Hoare

Considering the impact of globalisation, Adelita Husni-Bey describes how she utilises and mediates the complexities of cultural origin in a global world currently (or constantly) in the process of defining and redefining itself.

Jeremy Hutchison discusses a career forged from different global contexts, including a three-month residency as part of a Delfina Foundation and ArtSchool Palestine residency series between London and Ramallah.

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Codes of Limbo

Basak Senova


Counter is a project about women and murderous acts of violence in Turkey. It is a two-tier work comprising of an online memorial to the deceased and a series of shroud covers inspired by ideas of the afterlife in ancient Egyptian mythology, the latter having been fabricated by male prisoners using beads.

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Birds Eye View Festival 2013

Daniella Rose King


The Birds Eye View Festival (3rd - 10th April, with a special preview event for International Women's Week on 8th March), took place with the subtitle 'Celebrating Arab Women Filmmakers'. The 2013 incarnation sought to highlight the recent work of women from the Arab world; from directors to writers, artists, producers, actors and musicians.

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In partnership with Winchester Centre for Global Futures in Art, Design & Media, Ibraaz presents a two-day public forum entitled '10 Years On: Art and Everyday Life in Iraq and Iran' as part of the Global Futures Forum 2013 to be held on 7th - 8th June 2013 at The Mosaic Rooms, Tower House, 226 Cromwell Road, London (SW5 0SW).

Panel discussions, keynote speeches and performances will explore issues around civil society, culture and everyday life in both countries, bringing together specialists and professionals in mass media, visual and performing arts, cultural and social studies and history, the forum will examine representations of Iraq and Iran. The event will bring together artists, journalists, writers and practitioners from across the region including the Iraqi-American artist Wafaa Bilal, BBC news journalist Rageh Omaar, Slavs and Tatars, Jonathan Harris, Jananne Al-Ani, Adel Abidin, Anthony Downey, Rijin Sahakian, Kathy Battista, Omar Kholeif, Siba Aldabbagh, and many others.


Tickets for this event can be purchased online at www.soton.ac.uk/wrc/globalfuturesforum2013


For further information, please contact Dr Victoria Walters on V.M.Walters@soton.ac.uk


Main image: Jamal Penjweny, Saddam is Here, 2010, photographs, sizes variable. Courtesy of the artist and RUYA Foundation.



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