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The Dilemma of the Two Cameras

Even with my obsession with strict chronology and despite the success of this investigation in identifying the years in which the photographs were taken, it will be impossible to file these particular negatives and/or negative sheets chronologically. The culprit is the usage of two cameras.  In 1991, a Leica M6 and an Olympus XA.


Some days I would use both cameras interchangeably; the Leica primarily for pictorial use and while riding in cars, and the Olympus with the A-11 flash attachment mostly for family occasions.

The chronology is often broken because on one roll from one camera there may be three days worth of shooting, while the other may have seen three or four rolls go through it in one day. Both cameras were recorded by each other in certain photographs in 1991


In 1992, I took yet two different cameras : A Nikon F4 with an array of lenses and the SB-24 Flash, and a Contax T-2 for snapshots. Although there are no photographs of either camera in the series, there are clues.